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Nov 30, 2015 · Blinkist is an app that aims to solve a problem I thought only I had: It summarizes thick nonfiction books into digestible summaries that take 15 minutes to read, as opposed to days or weeks. Jan 09, 2020 · A Beautiful Mind Review. What a story! A Beautiful Mind is a great read, especially if you’ve seen the movie. I enjoy math and it’s fascinating to learn more about Nash’s contributions to the field and the struggles with mental illness he had along the way. Jul 12, 2020 · How To Complete A Book in 10 Minutes l 1 Free Book Everyday l Blinkist and ABS Apps. In this video I explained, How to Complete a Book in 10 Minutes with the Help of Tech. I mentioned 2 Apps, 1 Blinkist Apps Full Version Download für PC.Herunterladen Blinkist Apps neueste Version für PC,Laptop,Windows.Blinkist destillieren die wichtigsten Erkenntnisse 2,500+ Bestseller-Sachbücher Bücher in leistungsstarke 15-minütigen liest oder Streams. Steigern Sie Ihr Wissen und neue Perspektiven gewinnen ein, besser zu werden, Smarter Sie. Jun 25, 2020 · Any Book Summary: Fiction & Non-fiction Key takeaways from the world’s best non-fiction books. 8.9 106 Attraction Awareness - Mindset and Affirmations Learn how positive thinking affects your energy and how to attract success.

Reading a summary is not the same as reading a book. The purpose of reading a summary is not to read it instead of a book, but to more easily decide whether you want to buy and read the whole book or to grasp the main idea of the book for whatever reason. After reading a Blinkist summary, there are three potential things I always do:

It is possible to read offline while using the mobile app for smartphones and tablets. To read offline, add a book to your library while you have internet access (via Wi-Fi or mobile data). Once the title is in your library, you can read it while you're offline as well. For a step-by-step guide on how to add a book to your library, please see here. Third, Blinkist offers huge value for the money and is the cheapest book summary service in absolute terms. With over 3,000 summaries in its library and a price of only $0.18/day, Blinkist outshines most competitors. Blinkist Book Summary Downloads Torrent, How To Download Mods For Ark Unofficial Servers, Maplesoft Free Download Full Version, Showbox Apk 4.93 Download For Android Free Blinkist Daily gives you 1 high-powered book summary, every day, free. Welcome to the Free Daily Learn something new everyday with this free dose of inspiration to read or listen to, from our library.


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Blinkist. 505K likes. Big ideas from the world’s best nonfiction, made into powerful 15 minute packs for your ears and your eyes. Learn smart. Whereas the remote work setting is challenging in many ways, there are things that you

Blinkist was named one of the best apps of 2017 by Apple. So far, they've blinked more than 2,500 books, covering everything from psychology and management to philosophy and mindfulness, with new

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